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Party Planning
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Party Packages/Menus:

Premium Dinner - $59.95
4 Course Dinner - $49.95
3 Course Dinner - $44.95
2 Course Dinner - $41.95

Luncheon Buffet  - $35.95
4 Course  Luncheon - $38.95
3 Course  Luncheon - $32.95
2 Course Luncheon - $27.95
Limited Large Party - $22.95

Brunch Buffet - $29.95
Brunch Sit-Down - $23.95

Additional Courses
Bar Options

Final Contract

  We look forward to creating an exceptional day for you and your guests. After you have reviewed the information provided, please contact the Restaurant Manager to schedule an appointment to secure your desired date and coordinate your event plans. Please note that our menus are intended to provide a guideline for you to consider. We would be happy to personalize a menu to suit your needs.   

PARTY FACILITIES Take a 360 Tour:  Dining Room  Bar Area


Private Dinning   Room (60's)

Private Dinning Room w/Doors (30's

Fireplace Table Reservation

Semi-Private Dinning Room

SEATING CAPACITY:  Ventura’s private dining room will comfortably accommodate up to 55 guests. The seating capacity may fluctuate depending on the use of buffet tables, cake table, portable bars, punch table, and/or appetizer station. Please contact the Restaurant Manager in regard to pricing for the use of the restaurant for additional space. . 
CONFIRM GUEST COUNT: The final number of guests must be specified one week in advance of the event, for which you will be charged accordingly.  It is the responsibility of the host of the function to contact the Restaurant Manager with this final guest count. If a guaranteed guest count is not received, then the number of guests listed on the original event form will be used as the confirmed guest count.
CATERING: All Food and Beverage must be purchased through Ventura‘s Offshore Café, take out only. Our Executive Chef will gladly personalize a menu to fit your needs and special requests. Menu selections must be determined no later than two weeks prior to the function.

LINEN: White linen tablecloths are available at no charge.

PERSONAL CAKE/CUPCAKE SERVICE FEE: Outside food is not allowed however if you would like to bring a personal cake/cupcakes we charge a $1.00 per person service fee

DECORATING: The following guidelines are provided to ensure that you can appropriately decorate for your function, yet minimizing the potential damage that may occur to our establishment.

Please feel free to bring in centerpieces to decorate the tables. All Candles must be contained within a Hurricane or Votive Holder. We only allow table top & standing decorations only. 
No confetti, streamers, beads, glitter, small particles, etc…

No staples, nails, or hooks are to be used on the walls, mirrors, beams, or ceiling. It is the responsibility of the host to carefully remove all decorations at the conclusion of the function to ensure that no damage is incurred by the facility.

Please feel free to bring in centerpieces to decorate the tables. All Candles must be contained within a Hurricane or Votive Holder. We only allow table top and standing decorations.

TAKE THE TOUR of our restaurant to view pictures of our banquet room & other areas: Video Tour

Ventura’s Offshore Cafe will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items and items left after an event.


All private dining room events are required to have a current credit card number on file upon booking.

There is a required purchase of a $200.00 Ventura's Gift Card to reserve a date for all events.

The $200.00 Gift Card amount is non-refundable and can be credited toward the final balance at the conclusion of the function, or you may elect to use the gift card at a later date only at Ventura's Offshore Cafe.


Tax and Gratuity: 6.625% Sales Tax and 20% Service charge will be added to all parties for services rendered.

Barring market fluctuations, prices will be guaranteed for 90 days.

Banquets may be booked up to twelve months in advance. Prices quoted are current prices and are subject to change.

Payment:  Ventura’s Offshore Cafe accepts the following forms of payment:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash, & Certified bank check.

All final Banquet charges must be received as one form of payment.

Ventura’s will not be responsible for collecting separate checks from individuals.


Cancellations made less than 7 days before event will result in a fee of  $100.00

Cancellations made within 24 hours of the event will result in a fee of $300.00 being forfeited by customer as a provision for liquidated damages.


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